• Project Date: 05.12.2014

  • Music Production, Mix, Mastering 

  • Producers: David May, Mike Schuhmacher, Marc “Marquito” Zibung

Moving at the speed of light, Boycode are back again with their new hit single ‘It’s A Mistake’. Following the success of their last record IGMMSOY, Timmy, Mattias, Lennert and Gregory raise the stakes delivering a world-standard pop ballad.

‘It’s A Mistake’ showcases the talent and harmony of the guys, in a stripped back production built from live piano, guitar, drums and orchestral stings glazed with a touching vocal performance.

‘It’s A Mistake’ is a compelling and catchy song, able to touch the heart and soul of every listener. Boycode once again prove themselves and mark their territory as one of the best upcoming boybands internationally.

Time to build on the ever-growing family of Decoders.

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